Maud and Delos Lovelace
(cont'd) When she returned to Minneapolis she joined her family at their new home in Minneapolis and re-enrolled at the U of M. Her greatest interest was the school paper the Minnesota Daily. In spite of her pleasure at working on the paper, Maud did not enjoy college and in 1914 she again left school and went to Europe, a trip that provided much material for Betsy and the Great World.

Maud returned to Minneapolis at the outbreak of World War I and began working for a fundraising program headed by Mrs. Harry B. Wakefield, the wife of the city editor of the Minneapolis Tribune. In 1917 Mrs. Wakefield introduced Maud to one of her husband’s reporters, Delos Lovelace. Maud and Delos were married soon after, on November 29, 1917. The Lovelaces had two children: a son who died shortly after birth in 1925, and a daughter, Merian, born in 1931.

After the end of the war Maud and Delos moved to New York City in 1920 where he worked as a journalist and Maud wrote fiction, focusing on short stories. They returned to live in Minnesota a few years later and Maud began writing historical novels. Her first novel, The Black Angels, was published in 1926. Several more novels followed over the next decade, including three written with Delos.

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