Maud and her daughter, Merian, for whom the Betsy-Tacy series was written
(cont'd) In 1928 the Lovelaces returned to New York and settled there for the next twenty-eight years. When daughter Merian was old enough to listen, Maud began telling her bedtime stories about her own childhood in Mankato. As the story telling reawakened memories, Maud decided to write them down. The result was Betsy-Tacy, published in 1940; after that, a Betsy-Tacy book followed almost every year until 1955.

The Lovelaces moved to California in 1952 after Delos retired from newspaper work. They settled in Claremont, California. Delos died in 1967. Maud Hart Lovelace died March 11, 1980. Her ashes were interred in the Glenwood Cemetery in Mankato, Minnesota.

See more about Maud at the Minnesota Historical Society's "Minnesota Author Biographies Project."

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